With Sloughis since 1962  •    First litter 1971  •   Established in USA 1993
Breeder and owner of the top winning and top producing sire in American Sloughi history, Ch. Aswad Shi'Rayân
and his twice # 1 all breeds sprint racer son Ch. Fahel Shi'Rayan!

We have bred nearly all the top-winning Sloughis (BIS/BISS/BOG) & World Winning American Sloughis, in the USA and Canada,
and all American Champions in non-commercial lure-coursing sprint racing and oval racing.

Our Sloughis excel on the field, in the ring, and at home.
Sloughis with type, not marketing hype.
We speak English ~ Nous parlons français ~ Wir sprechen Deutsch

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Our breeding Philosophy
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Shi'Rayan's breeding with Syringa
Shi'Rayan's breeding with Sheik el Arab
Shi'Rayan's breeding with La'Jahhibu
Shi'Rayan and Nuri al Baida
Shi'Rayan's trip to Tunisia, North Africa
Shi'Rayan and the d'Ymauville Sloughis
10 years of Shi'Rayan
40 years with Sloughis
International Sloughi results shows, racing,coursing
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Our French Gascony Pointer
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The skies around us
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All photos  ©de Caprona
Shi'Rayan is not associated in any way with
Moreau-Sipiere International or Ocerico kennels
or the American Sloughi Association, 
in spite of that club's extensive use of pictures of our dogs 
and of our pedigrees on its website
entirely without our consent.
We are members of the
 Sloughi Fanciers Association of America (SFAA)
Our dogs pictures on the ASLA website were taken
at 3 SFAA events for SFAA only.
Permission was never given to use them on the ASLA website
nor on private websites.
At the same time, SFAA and ourselves
are denied the use of these pictures of our dogs 
by ASLA's webmaster.

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